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Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen

With about 90 employees and 50 consultants, Zentralstelle für das Auslandsschulwesen (ZfA) supervises school-related work abroad. Worldwide about 1000 schools are being supported financially and staff-wise. These include over 140, mostly private, German schools abroad.

The work of the ZfA includes:

  • Educational and administrative counseling for German schools and educational institutions abroad as well as support for establishing a pedagogical quality management
  • Acquisition, selection and placement of teachers at German schools abroad
  • Preparation and advanced training for teachers
  • Financial support for teachers abroad
  • Preparation for German and international degrees
  • Development and implementation of German as a Foreign Language tests Subject teaching in German
  • Educational subject teaching
  • Career education
  • Establishment of structures for an international cooperation

ZfA Cairo Office

The landscape of German Schools in Egypt has changed drastically during the last few years. Previously three traditional German schools abroad and the Abitur shaped the picture. Now about a dozen German schools abroad as well as language certificate schools offer a variety of diplomas, which allow for University studies in Germany.

With this in mind, the ZfA office in Cairo opened in 2008. Local experts support the establishment and development of schools in Egypt and the surrounding areas. They focus on different aspects of school work abroad: expert consultation for German, school coordination for schools under development as well as facilitation for pedagogical quality management for established schools offer professional support within the transformation processes in Egypt. This specifically applies to school programs in German, qualifying of teachers, networking and quality development.

With the Cairo office, the ZfA optimizes its infrastructure for support and consultation. At the same time, the regional office represents the long-standing and close scholastic connection between Egypt and Germany.

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