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Philipps Universität Marburg

Philipps-Universität Marburg stands for close involvement with recognized research groups, a student body that graduates faster than average, and exemplary support of young scholars and researchers.

The university, which has been established more than 500 years ago, today counts around 26,500 students offering 21 faculties for 29 bachelor and 49 master study programs next to programs with state examination like medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, law, and religious studies.

The charming surroundings and the medieval flair of the historic city center draw international researchers and students alike from around the world. Numerous interdisciplinary links connect the scholarly areas of expertise, which have made a name for themselves in tumor research, synthetic microbiology, the material sciences, neurosciences, speech sciences, earth sciences, conflict studies, and Near and Middle Eastern studies.

Philipps-Universität Marburg is top-ranked in various disciplines and with its 11 Leibniz prize winners it is the leading institution for research in central Germany.

Marburg University Cairo Office

Marburg University is both a very international and cosmopolitan institution. Its famous interdisciplinary Center for Near and Middle Eastern Studies (CNMS) was the first German institute to open a branch at the DAAD Cairo as early as 2009; therefore, Marburg University may be considered a pioneer in reaching out to Egypt and the Arab countries as partners for:

•   the exchange of students

•   the exchange of teaching staff

•   joint research

•   new cooperation partnerships

One example is an ongoing cooperation with Ain Shams University where bachelor students from the CNMS spend a semester in order to improve their Arabic language skills and get first-hand experience on the Arab culture. Afterwards, they attend courses in various disciplines, i.e. politics or economics at Cairo University.

Furthermore, relying on traditionally strong relations to German top-rate industry, Marburg University puts a high emphasis on bridging the gap between teaching and research on the one side and the industry on the other side. The Cairo office looks forward to join forces with its partners in this area as well.

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