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The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation promotes academic cooperation between excellent scientists and scholars from abroad and from Germany. Its research fellowships and research awards allow scientists and scholars from all over the world to come to Germany to work on a research question they have chosen themselves together with a host and collaborative partner. The Foundation's network embraces well over 26,000 Humboldtians from all disciplines in more than 130 countries worldwide - including 49 Nobel Prize winners.

Once a Humboldtian, always a Humboldtian. Even after the stay in Germany has come to an end, the Humboldt Foundation maintains close links with their alumni. The alumni sponsorship is tailored to the needs of every single Humboldtian, providing flexible support for the particular development and path in life as well as for cooperation with others. For more information please refer to our web page or contact our main office at

The honorary Ambassador Scientist in Cairo

At the German Science Centre Cairo the Humboldt Foundation is represented by an honorary Ambassador Scientist who informs universities and research institutions in the country about the Foundation’s sponsorship programmes and its international network as well as about Germany as a location for research. The Ambassador Scientist is also the person to be contacted by Humboldt alumni and Humboldt associations as well as by academics who want to discover more about the sponsorship opportunities offered by the Humboldt Foundation. 

There is a relatively large number of Humboldtians in Egypt and many of them hold key positions. They play a prominent role not just in research and teaching but also in many areas of Egypt’s social and economic development. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation wishes to extend its engagement in Egypt and in the region significantly in the coming years. The Ambassador Scientist will support the Foundation’s efforts.

Contact Person: Prof. Dr. Moemen Hanafy (