The DWZ in the media

The DWZ in the media

Technology Exhibition: Renewables made in Germany (July 2015)

Falling Walls Lab Cairo (June 2015)

German Science Days (May 2015)

DWZ releases it first publication of the Egyptian German Science Monitor

DWZ delegation takes part in first national conference on university-industry cooperation at Mansoura University (March 2015)

Postdoc Opportunities in Germany (December 2014)

DWZ Awarding Ceremony for Outstanding Support of German-Egyptian Cooperation in Science and Research (November 2014)

German Science Day for Graduates and Researchers (November 2014)

First Falling Walls Lab Cairo (June 2014)

Get your PhD in Germany (June 2014)

Cairo Innovation Slam (December 2013)

Egyptian-German Executive Meeting (November 2013)

German Science Day (November 2013)

Signing of the Co-financed Mobility Programme GE-SEED at DWZ (November 2013)

Opening of the German Science Centre (November 2012)

Cairo Climate Talks