Content » Conference: Re-Thinking Energy: Scientific Input - Social Output

Conference: Re-Thinking Energy: Scientific Input - Social Output

Organised by the German Science Centre in Cairo, 8 November 2015
Background of Conference:
Providing a secure national energy supply, which includes the balanced, sustainable use of the available potential coupled with continuous development of the obtainable energy efficiency potential, is at the core of socio-economic development for a country. In Germany, as well as in Egypt, the expansion of sustainable energy production and the compilation of an energy mix are vibrantly debated. This debate is being mirrored by numerous Egyptian-German research collaborations, which are fostered through multiple projects by the partners of the DWZ. Questions surrounding such an interdisciplinary topic as energy cannot be answered from an economic perspective alone, but need strong input from the research sector. Simultaneously it is indispensable to include the political context of the energy agenda in social discourse in order to do justice to the holistic demand for sustainable socio-economic development. The goal of the conference is to impart and deepen the understanding of the complexity of the multidimensional nature of the topic energy through five different working groups. Through an interdisciplinary approach, as is represented by the DWZ’s network, complex interrelations shall be emphasized and discussed with Egyptian partners. From the expansion of renewable energies, to socio-economic implications and the adaptation of energy consciousness within the education sector, the entire range of the topic will be analyzed and recommendations for action developed.


Keynote Re-Thinking Energy: Scientific Input – Social Output Conference:

Driving Renewable Energies: Experiences from Europe – Miranda Schreurs (FU Berlin)

Session 1: Innovative Business Models Enabling Establishment of Renewable Energies in Developing Countries

Session 2: Social Commitment Towards Ambitious Energy Transformation Goals

Session 3: Securing the Future of Clean Energy by Policy Mechanisms

Session 4: Bridging the Gap at its Best: Academia and Industry Collaboration in Energy Efficiency

Session 5: Innovative Concepts for Network Stability Despite Variable Energy Infeed

Follow Up Re-Thinking Energy: Scientific Input – Social Output Conference: