About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The German Science Centre Cairo (DWZ Cairo) provides a platform for German-Egyptian exchange in the fields of Science, Technology and Research, which will deepen the, already excellent, cooperation and partnership between the two countries. It is established on a basis of intensive collaboration that has persisted several decades and saw a remarkable peak in the most successful Egyptian German Year of Science and Innovation in 2007/2008. The DWZ (“Deutsches Wissenschaftszentrum Kairo”) contributes to the synergy of Scientists in Germany and Egypt, bringing together experts from academic institutions, researchers and representatives of industry and government. Especially young scientists are promoted and supported through information, exhibitions, scientific events and networking opportunities. The DWZ is the “one-stop shop” for information about the German research landscape and funding sources.

Our Service

The DWZ Cairo organizes interdisciplinary events on current issues in science and innovation. Concerned subjects are mathematics and physics as well as climate change, waste management, health and renewable energy. It provides information and reference materials on German research and development. Moreover, the DWZ Cairo offers individual consulting on potential cooperation opportunities, and provides contacts to German and Egyptian research institutions and companies. It provides up-to-date research news from Germany and Egypt and furnishes profiles, activities and services of its partner organizations. The DWZ Cairo represents the many facets of research in Germany, and contributes through its events to its integration into Egypt.

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